Front Connection: — 2.375″ (6 cm) API Reg Box
Rear Connection: — Pull Eye
Model Compatibility: — D7x11 D7x11A D7x11 Series II D9x13 Series II D10x14 D10x15 D16x20 D16x20A D16x20 Series II D18x22 D20x22 D20x22 Series II D20x22FX Series II D24x26 D24x40 D24x40A D24x40 Series II
Условия почвы: — Среднеземноморская твердая почва Cobble Soft Rock
Размер вырезывания: — 14 «(35,56 см)
Тип резца: — Зуб акулы
Потяните Глаз Емкость: — 24000 фунтов (10886,22 кг)


Описание продукции

The Vermeer 14″ (35.6 cm) fluted reamer is tough, reliable and ready to get your horizontal directional drilling job done for you. ✔Shark teeth create aggressive cutting action. ✔2.375″ (6 cm) API reg box x eye. ✔Robust throughshaft design and heat-treated, cast-alloy steel for durability. ✔Robotically applied, carbide mesh grit hardfacing adds longevity. ✔Ideal HDD tooling for rugged ground conditions ranging from hard pan and soft rock to cobble.