Front Connection: — 2.875″ (7 cm) API Reg Box
Rear Connection: — Swivel
Model Compatibility: — D36x50 D36x50 Серия II D40x40 D50x100 D50x100A D60x90
Условия почвы: — Среднеземноморская твердая почва Cobble Soft Rock
Размер вырезывания: — 24 «(60,96 см)
Тип резца: — Поворотный Зуб
Поворотная способность: — 50000 фунтов (22679,62 кг)


Описание продукции

The Vermeer 24″ (61 cm) fluted reamer is tough, reliable and ready to get your horizontal directional drilling job done for you. ✔Rotary teeth create aggressive cutting action. ✔2.875″ (7.3 cm) (7.3 cm) API reg box x 50k (22,679.6 kg) swivel. ✔Robust throughshaft design and heat-treated, cast-alloy steel for durability. ✔Built-in swivel minimizes the distance from the directional drill to the product pipe, helping reduce the amount of spoil buildup caused by resistance. ✔Robotically applied, carbide mesh grit hardfacing adds longevity. ✔Ideal HDD tooling for rugged ground conditions ranging from hard pan and soft rock to cobble.